Central European Olympiad
in Informatics 2004
University of Information Technology and Management, July 2004, Rzeszˇw, Poland
 CEOI 2004 
 Results !!! 

CEOI 2004 booklet 2004-09-14

CEOI 2004 booklet is now available for download (in both ps and zipped ps formats). It contains problemset together with model solutions.

Bulletin 2004-07-19

CEOI 2004 bulletin is available on-line:

Film clips recorded during the on-site contest are available at http://portal.wsiz.rzeszow.pl/default.asp?sekcja=907&lisc=2038.

Results 2004-07-17

The results of the Central European Olympiad in Informatics 2004 have been announced. The gold medallists are:

  • Luka Kalinovcic (Croatia) - 463 points
  • Filip Wolski (Poland) - 357 points
  • Lovro Puzar (Croatia) - 327 points
  • Bartomiej Romanski (Poland) - 299 points
The full results are available here

Results of the internet contest 2004-07-17

Internet contest is over. The winner is Bruce Merry. He scored 493 points. The full results are available here.

On-line competition started 2004-07-12

The trial session of the on-line competition has been started. Visit the contest web page http://sio.mimuw.edu.pl/ceoi2004/ in order to participate on-line.

First, you have to register (find the link Registration). Follow the link Tasks to see the tasks. After you login, use the link Submit Solutions to submit your solution.

Contact 2004-07-01

If you need more information or encouraged any problems, don't hesitate to call prof. Krzysztof Diks - +48 693 121 983

On-line contest 2004-05-04

CEOI 2004 will be accompanied with an on-line contest. The online contest starts a few hours after the local contest and consists of 2 rounds (24 hours each). It starts on 14th July 2004, 12.00am (CEST) and ends on 16th July 2004, 12.00am (CEST). The only allowed programming language is Java (programs will be tested with Java v. 1.4.2_04). More information will be available soon.

Location of CEOI 2004-04-09

Information according the location of CEOI 2004 has been updated. The Olympiad will be held in Rzeszˇw on the campus of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszˇw. Further information can be found here.

CEOI 2004 web site 2004-02-17

Central European Olympiad in Informatics web site has been released. Some information according the competition can be found. Registration of participating teams is also possible. For further information contact organizing committee.