Chorwacka OI - 29.05.2022

Croatian Open Competition in Informatics - COCI 2021/2022

Internet online contest series

As part of the COCI series, we are hosting an Internet online contest with problems from the Croatian Olympiad in Informatics 2022. The contest is primarily intended for high school contestants, but is open to all interested!

This contest is used in Croatia to select members of the IOI 2022 team. There will be three to five tasks and the contest will be five hours long. The contestants will have full feedback with at most 50 submissions per task.

It will be held on Sunday, May 29, starting at 15:00 (GMT/UTC).

Check out your local times at

You may use Python, Pascal, C, C++ or Java as your programming language of choice.

The two relevant websites are: - information about the contest - judging system