Location ― WSB–NLU

Ranked first amongst Polish private non–profit educational institutions, WSB–NLU is the leading Business and Management learning center in Poland.

The school was established in 1991 and currently educates 4,500 students seeking degrees in a wide variety of fields of study. Since 1995, WSB–NLU, a winner of the “Pro Publico Bono” award, has maintained its leading position as the most respected private educational institution in rankings made by the Polish leading current events magazine WPROST.

WSB–NLU awards two diplomas and respective degrees: the Polish Bachelor’s degree (Licencjat) and Master’s degree (Magister), as well as the American Bachelor of Arts Degree (granted by National–Louis University) for its undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, and Political Science as well as Master of Science in Computer Science (granted by DePaul University).

In October 2005, together with the universities from Germany, France and Italy, WSB–NLU is launching an innovative program in Management and Marketing delivered in English. During the course of study, students will spend three semesters at the partner universities. As a result, the graduates of this program will be granted five diplomas: Polish, American, German, French and Italian.

WSB–NLU has one of the most modern campuses in Poland. Covering an area of 130.781 foot, the campus features six large lecture halls with seating capacity from 100 to 380 students, fifty–five classrooms, a big library and ten computer laboratories connected in a state–of–the–art network.

Students are accommodated in five dormitories, equipped with laundry, in–room telephone, internet and satellite TV services. The school also owns a multi–purpose sports complex (for soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc.), four tennis courts (two open–air and two enclosed) and a fitness club (gym and training hall).