Help on registration

Setting arrival and departure details

  • Prior to making decisions and booking flights read the practical information about when and where to go, visas, etc.
  • Issue information about your team's arrival and departure plans in the first section of the main registration form (Team defaults). Information given here will be, by default, considered valid for any new team member added. Different arrival and departure plans can be later provided for individual team members (see next section).
  • In the Arrival section define when, from where and by what means of transport you intend to arrive. Make sure to provide accurate destination time and place.
  • Similar tips apply to the Departure section.

Managing team members

  • The second section of the main registration form provides access to the data about team members. One can add new, delete or update information. Both Add new member and Update lead to the same participant data form described below.
  • The first section of the participant data form comprises personal data. Remember to set Member type and e-mail correctly. Changing these values later is only possible by deletion and re-addition of the participant.
  • The rest of the form applies only to those team members whose arrival or departure plans differ from team's default. In order to enter such plan check the appropriate check box (or boxes) and proceed exactly as described in Setting arrivals and departure details above.
  • Remark. Those Registrators who are Team Leaders as well should acknowledge that fact by selecting Update next to their Registrator entry in the Team members list, and changing Member type appropriately. You will then be asked to fill your participant data form.


  • It is preferable to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.
  • Registration need not all be completed at one time. You may fill the forms partially, change data etc. as you wish.
  • Let us know if the number of available entries in the members list is insufficient.