Pieniny mountains

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City of Kraków

A Roman Catholic bishopric founded in the year 1000, royal castle built on the Wawel Hill, the first Polish university, the Krakow Academy established in 1364, (today renamed the Jagiellonian University)– these are some tourist attractions in Krakow. It is impossible to list all of them, but everyone discovers his/her own “magical” Krakow. While some will follow the footsteps of Nicholas Copernicus, others will be interested in sites linked with John Paul II. Some will be fascinated by the world–wide unique underground corridors of the Wieliczka salt mine and others will wander round the Kazimierz Jewish district or will stand enchanted in front of the Wit Stwosz altar. Hundreds of Krakow’s cafes, clubs and restaurants contribute strongly to the city’s charm.

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