Advice for competitors

  • Study the Competition Rules.
  • Preparation:

    Study the tasks and solutions from previous IOI competitions.

  • Task descriptions:

    Read the task descriptions carefully. The official versions of the descriptions are written in English. They will be translated to other languages by delegation leaders/deputies. If there are any differences between these versions - the English version is binding.

  • Solutions:

    Take notice that less efficient programs, or the programs that do not always give a proper answer can give you some points by solving some simplier cases.

  • Clarification requests:

    If the task description is not precise and you have any doubts about it, you can submit a clarification request. You can express it in your native language and the question will be translated into English by your delegation leader/deputy. The answer will be given in English and it will be one of the following: 'Yes', 'No' or 'No comment'. Therefore you should express your question in such a way, that an answer 'Yes'/'No' can be given.

    Remember: Clarification requests can only be submitted during the first hour of the competition.

  • Input and output data:

    The input data is always exactly as specified in the task description. Make sure your program follows the output description precisely. If it does not, you may gain no points for your program (even if the algorithm is correct).

  • Backups:

    Computers may fail, so you should frequently make copies of your files.